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    Welcome to St. mark's day school

    St. Mark's Day School is situated in the beautiful, rolling countryside of Barrington Hills. We provide a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for your early learner. With a 45+ year history of excellence, we offer a creative program where learning through our play-based environment is central. 

    Play-based learning is a teaching method in which children learn through what they do best - play. It encompasses both free play and teacher-directed play, with the nature of the play shaped by the child's initiative and the adult's involvement. In play-based learning settings, children are encouraged to pursue their interests, start activities, and be self-directed with guidance from teachers. Educators also use play to reinforce and practice skills and concepts that have been explicitly taught. Play allows children to manipulate the world around them, and encourages creativity and imagination. These skills enhance critical and creative thinking and problem-solving; skills necessary throughout our lives.

    We serve children 18 months through 5 years old and our small class sizes allows your child to receive the one-on-one attention he or she deserves. Children are guided to become successful learners by developing strategies to make knowledgeable choices, become independent, believe in themselves, and create lasting values and beliefs. Our professional early childhood educators are highly educated continuous learners and committed to embracing your child's learning journey of wonder and exploration.

    Selecting a school that is the best fit for your child and family is so important. St. Mark's welcomes you to our family tradition of cultivating kindness, creativity, and life-long  learning. Your child's love of learning begins in these critical early childhood years. Let us be your foundation!

    Karen Morse

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