Jr. Kindergarten

The Jr. Kindergarten program is a transition program for children who turn 5 before December 1st, or currently enrolled students with a teacher recommendation. Some children are old enough for kindergarten, but are not socially or emotionally ready. Other children just miss the kindergarten cut-off date. The program provides a nurturing atmosphere. Socialization is an important component, with heavy emphasis on developing positive self-esteem. The class celebrates the whole child-emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. This class supports each child's learning style, intelligence, and interests. Children are prepared for kindergarten in the area of receptive and expressive language, social and emotional skills, problem solving, and group participation. The fives program implements a creative curriculum that is challenging and just plain fun. The class may "dive into the living seas", "blast off into space" or venture off on an "African Safari". Children will shine and discover the glory within themselves.