Preschool 2

The twos program is a play-based program that allows these precious young children ample time to investigate and explore. Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively through art, music, dance, and dramatic play.

The twos program introduces:

  • children to a safe, loving environment that supports both the child and parent as they make that difficult first step toward separation.
  • toilet training reinforcement as children ease toward readiness.
  • a balance of large group, small group, and one-on-one activities.
  • a pro-social environment where teachers model behavior including sharing, taking turns, and being a kind friend.
  • great literature that captures developing listening and attention skills.
  • sensory experiences including, sand, water, shredded paper, clean mud, shaving cream, finger paint, smooth objects, rough objects, snow, gak, playdoh, clay, and much more!
  • activities that lead children toward self-help skills, which builds self-confidence
  • large motor play that includes climbing, hopping, running, and jumping, tossing balls, riding scooters...all of which strengthen your child's awareness of their body.  
  • fine motor activities that build strength in their little hands.
  • nature and all it's beauty!
  • language activities to encourage verbalization of needs and conversation skills.